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Is beach running good for you??

With the temperatures starting to soar, there is no better time to hit the sand and surf,especially with our beautiful Illawarra beaches. The beach can also be the perfect place to get some exercise over the warmer months, but is running on the beach good for you? Well, the answer is a yes, as long as your body is prepared for it.

Running on the sand, especially soft sand, can increase the tension and load placed on the soft tissue structures of the lower legs, and in some people, may lead to such conditions as plantarfasciitis, shin splints, and Achilles tendinopathy. However, with a good base level of fitness, and by taking a slow and steady initial approach, these risks can be greatly reduced. The benefits of beach running, such as increased muscle activation and strength, less "pounding" stress on the ankle and knee joints, and increased joint strength, make it a great way to stay fit and healthy, whilst enjoying the beauty that the Illawarra and South Coast has to offer.

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