Why Do My Heels Hurt In The Morning??

Do you get a sharp pain in your heel/heels when you take your first steps after getting out of bed? You may have plantarfasciitis. So what is plantarfasciitis???

Plantarfasciitis is an inflammation or mild injury to the tissue, called the plantarfascia, that links and connects the heel bone (calcaneus) to the toes. Factors such as working on hard surfaces, poor footwear, excessive pronation, or just generally spending a lot of time on your feet, can lead to consistent overloading of the plantarfascia, and subsequent inflammation and pain.

If you think you have plantarfasciitis, there are some things you can do which may help to reduce the discomfort and promote healing. First, rolling your foot on a bottle filled with ice water each afternoon may assist with reducing the discomfort, especially for those whom are heavily involved in sport or work long hours on their feet. Further, rolling your foot on a tennis ball or tin can each morning before you stand may help reduce those initial sudden pains. Whilst these exercises may reduce the discomfort, it is important that you also see a Podiatrist for assessment of both your footwear and your foot biomechanics. These assessments will allow us to identify what was the initial cause of the problem, and further enable us to provide the most appropriate form of treatment to help you on the path to being pain free again, and preventing recurrence in the future.